Mountain Biking Christchurch and Beyond

Detox Track

track rating

Detox Track is a nice short fun down hill run with good flow. It is only a few minutes bike up the road back to the top, so it's well worth a couple of runs.


DETOX (~ 5 - 10 MINUTES)

A couple of kilometers along Jolllies Pass Road turn left into McIntyre Road. Another couple of kilometers you will get to Rowen Road on your right. It's an easy climb up a steady gradient to the clearing at the top where you will see the start of the Detox Track.

It's all down hill on nice flowing single track with a couple of technical sections before coming back out on Rowen Road.

This is a good track to have few re-runs or as an interlude to the Dog Stream / Jolliffe Saddle Track.

detox map


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